Eighteen black-footed albatross Hatching on Guadalupe Island After their eggs were taken off by a commercial airliner from Midway Atoll in the North Pacific. The atoll has nearly one-third of the breeding population of endangered birds and is vulnerable to flooding and rising sea levels.


Jays and grey squirrels may have planted “more than half of the trees “Planted” more than half of many trees Researchers found that in 1961 and 1996, they grew on two farmlands in the lowlands of England. The new growth consists mainly of oak trees, and animals bury the seeds of the oak trees in winter.


For a long time, people thought that the domesticated watermelon came from South Africa, but it Rather, it may have originated from Kordofan Melon from Sudan. Scientists used gene sequencing, images of ancient Egypt, and Russian botanical documents from the Cold War period to identify this sweet, whitish melon as a close relative of watermelon.


Scientists found evidence The oldest known case of bubonic plague In the skull of an infected hunter-gatherer 5,000 years ago. The remnants of the ancient bacterial strain indicate that it cannot infect fleas, but may have been spread through beaver bites.


“Sea Snot”, a mucus released by phytoplankton, Suffocating shellfish and rubberized fishing nets In the Marmara Sea. The President of Turkey called this mucus a “mucus disaster” and dispatched workers to suck it out using hoses.


diver Noticing white lesions On the heads of hundreds of whitetip reef sharks near Sipadan Island. Scientists suspect that the cause is a fungus that thrives in the warming ocean.